Instructional design and learning the ropes

Trying to get this blog up and running while not really knowing what I am doing – argh! don’t like the feeling of not knowing how to do something!

You would think that as a life long learner (or as it use to be called “professional student”) I would love doing assignments and homework. Truth is, I hate it. I hate it because it means that I have to explore outside of my comfort zone – and I don’t like being out of control. I want to control my world and know that I am helping others through my control. But obviously I am not there yet. Lordy, I hope I am doing the right thing in taking on this certificate course to learn about instructional design and technology.

Charged with finding blogs that are relevant to the area of instructional technology – sounds easy enough, but truly it is not. Means now I have to research and read. Ugh.  Somehow I happened on a blog site entitled Flirting with eLearning It seems to have lots of information for the newer blogger and elearner. I even attempted to post a response. Hopefully I hit all the right hyperlinks for it to go through! Elements of storyboard templates, social media management, and the use of branches to help the elearner follow different paths based upon answers to questions. All sounds interesting and intimidating.

Another site visited titled Experiencing E-Learning,, deals with books in print and how to understand the field of elearning.  Elements of skill set, expected salary, organizations for instructional designers, it seems to have all sorts of options to explore. Definitely something more that I will look into as my insomnia kicks in (which I know it will due to my anxiety!).

Lastly, in my over fill of brain intake I found Your E Learning World  This blog speaks to many topics:  the heart of instructional design, posts about crafting learning objectives, utilizing a variety of teaching methodologies, addressing multiple learning styles, and how to motivate learners.  The need for a solid foundation from which to draw the elements of effective instruction makes this sound scary yet doable.  Again, insomnia will kick in and I will spend many a night exploring these blog sites.


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